Department Of Computer Engineering

Product Development Of Computer Department

Sr. No. Type of Product Applications Faculty Incharge
1 Website Online MCQ Mrs.Sonali Lunawat
2 Android App E-Learning Portal Mr.Nilesh Korade
3 Hardware Kiosk Mr.Mahendra Salunke
4 Website University practical exam program uploading website Mrs.Sonali Lunawat
5 Android App Xerox App Mr.Nilesh Korade
6 Android App GRAMPANCHAYAT Mr.Nilesh Korade
7 Android App Google Assistant - Compitron Mrs. Shweta Koparde
8 Website CIPSIS 2019 Mr.Nilesh Korade
9 Website Technovate 2020 Mr.Nilesh Korade
10 Hardware product Lecture announcer with arduino Mr. Jameer Gulab Kotwal
11 Hardware product Rolling display Mr. Mahendra Balkrishna Salunke
12 Hardware product Smart mirror Mrs. Ompriya Vitthalrao Kale
13 Website 1) Computer Department
2) Mechanical Department.
3) Civil Department.
4) E&TC Department.
5) First Year Department.
Mr.Nilesh Korade
14 Hardware product 3D Printer Mr. Mahendra Balkrishna Salunke

MoU Of Computer Department

Sr. No. Name of the industry Year of signing MoU Duration Activities under MoU Number of students participated under MoUs
1 Xenstack 2019 -- Trainings --
2 Hackers Era 2019 -- Trainings and Internships --
3 Rubicon Skill development Pvt. Ltd. 2019 -- Industrial Visit and training 30
4 ATS Infotech 2018 1 day MS Cyber security exam 67
5 mITuSkillologies 2017 2 days for each event Java, Php, Python and Android and IOT Workshop 60
6 Zensar Technologies Ltd. 2017 30 days for each year SoftSkills ,Aptitude , Mysql ,MongoDB ,Java and Advance Java sessions 44